Get into production with confidence

LangServe lets you deploy LangChain runnables and chains as a REST API. Built with battle-tested frameworks like FastAPI.

/batch and /stream endpoints

/docs endpoint

Inferred Input & Output schemas

and more

Preview your LLM app in a playground

Configure–and reconfigure–chain components.

Simple chat interface

One-click sharing

Streaming output

Intermediate steps

Website example
Website example
Website example

Connect to LangSmith

Capture traces in LangSmith for easy observability and debugging. Just add your API key. Or use LangServe on its own.

A collection of production-ready reference architectures

Discover, download, and remix templates for a wide range of use-cases and models. Manage everything in one place.

Featuring templates from AI-first teams


Hosted LangServe

A managed offering for efficiently deploying your LangChain applications.