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Debugging Traces
Dataset Collection
Human Labeling
Testing and Evaluation
Prompt Management
Developer Seats
Maximum 1 seat
Maximum 10 seats
$39 per seat/month
Custom pricing
First 5k base traces and extended upgrades per month for free

Pay as you go thereafter: 

$0.50 per 1k base traces
(14-day retention)

Additional $4.50 per 1k extended traces (400-day retention)
First 10k base traces and extended upgrades per month for free

Pay as you go thereafter: 

$0.50 per 1k base traces
(14-day retention)

Additional $4.50 per 1k extended traces (400-day retention)
Max Ingested Events / Hour
50k / 250k (with payment method on file)
Total Trace Size Stored / Hour
500MB / 2.5GB (with payment method on file)
Security Controls
Role Based Access Control
Hosted in US
Hosted in US
Add-on for self-hosted deployment in customer's VPC
Email Support
Community Discord
Shared Slack Channel Support
Team Trainings
Application Architectural Guidance
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Monthly, self-serve
Monthly, self-serve
Annual invoice
Custom Terms and Data Privacy Agreement
Infosec Review

Hear from our happy customers

LangChain, LangGraph, and LangSmith help teams of all sizes, across all industries - from ambitious startups to established enterprises.

“LangSmith helped us improve the accuracy and performance of Retool’s fine-tuned models. Not only did we deliver a better product by iterating with LangSmith, but we’re shipping new AI features to our users in a fraction of the time it would have taken without it.”

Jamie Cuffe
Head of Self-Serve and New Products

“By combining the benefits of LangSmith and standing on the shoulders of a gigantic open-source community, we’re able to identify the right approaches of using LLMs in an enterprise-setting faster.”

Yusuke Kaji
General Manager of AI

“Working with LangChain and LangSmith on the Elastic AI Assistant had a significant positive impact on the overall pace and quality of the development and shipping experience. We couldn’t have achieved  the product experience delivered to our customers without LangChain, and we couldn’t have done it at the same pace without LangSmith.”

James Spiteri
Director of Security Products

“As soon as we heard about LangSmith, we moved our entire development stack onto it. We could have built evaluation, testing and monitoring tools in house, but with LangSmith it took us 10x less time to get a 1000x better tool.”

Jose Peña
Senior Manager

Have a question about our plans?

I’ve been using the LangSmith beta. When will pricing go into effect?

If you’ve signed up for LangSmith before April 2nd, you have a grace period until July 8 at which point pricing will be enforced. At that point if you want to add seats or use more than the monthly allotment of free traces, you will need to put a credit card down or contact sales. If you are interested in the enterprise plan with special deployment options, reach out to

Which plan is right for me?

If you’re an individual developer, the Developer plan is a great choice for small projects. For teams that want to self-serve LangSmith, check out the Plus plan. If you need more advanced administration, authentication and authorization, deployment options, support, or annual invoicing, the Enterprise plan is right for you.

What is a seat?

Seats are named to a specific developer. All user invitations in an account will be counted as a seat.

What is a trace? Can it contain many events?

A trace is one complete invocation of your application chain or agent, evaluator run, or playground run. Traces can include many calls to an LLM or other tracked events. We don't want to penalize you for complexity, so go ahead and design the chain or agent capable of accomplishing sophisticated tasks. Here is an example of a single trace.

What is the difference between a base trace and an extended trace?

Base traces have a shorter retention period of 14 days and cost $0.50 per 1k traces. Extended traces have a longer retention period of 400 days and cost $5.00 per 1k traces. You can "upgrade" base traces to extended traces at $4.50 per 1k traces.

Why might I want to upgrade a base trace to an extended trace?

Majority of traces sent to LangSmith may have utility only for a short period of time. For example, you're actively debugging your application or you're actively responding to a customer question about an AI generated response. We default these base traces' retention to 14-days and offer a better price point.

Some traces, however, will have utility well beyond the initial creation. These traces often have feedback associated with them -- either explicitly from a user, auto-created from an online evaluator, or labeled by a human annotator. Feedback on traces is critical for improving your application, and LangSmith will automatically upgrade these traces to have a longer retention period of 400 days so that you can make use of the enriched trace. The longer retention comes with a higher price point, but also more utility.

You may have your own reasons for wanting some traces to be short lived (as base traces are) vs long lived (as extended traces are). LangSmith provides the tools to let you optimize your trace retention, so you can better align utility and spend.

Read more detail in our documentation.  

I’ve hit my usage limits. What can I do?

If you’ve consumed the monthly allotment of free traces in your account, you can purchase credits via credit card on the Developer and Plus plans to continue sending traces to LangSmith. If you’ve hit the performance usage limits on your tier, you can upgrade to a higher plan to get better limits, or reach out to with questions.

Can I pay by ACH?

Yes, we offer ACH payment on the Enterprise plan, and we’re happy to work with your procurement team to onboard as a new vendor.

How will billing work?

Seats are billed monthly on the first of the month or pro-rated if additional seats are purchased in the middle of the month. Churned seats mid month won’t get credited. You can purchase LangSmith credits for your tracing usage. As long as you have credits in your account, we’ll service your traces and deduct from your credit balance. You’ll be able to set alerts and auto-top ups on credits if you choose.

Enterprise plan customers are billed annually by invoice.

What can I expect from support?

On the Plus plan, you receive preferential, email support at On the Enterprise plan, you’ll get white-glove support with a Slack channel, a dedicated customer success engineer, and monthly check-ins to go over LangSmith and LangChain questions. We can help with anything from debugging, agent and RAG techniques, evaluation approaches, and cognitive architecture reviews. If you purchase the add-on to run LangSmith in your environment, we’ll also support deployments and new releases with our infra engineering team on-call.

Where is my data stored?

When using LangSmith hosted at, data is stored in GCP us-central-1. If you’re on the Enterprise plan, we can deliver LangSmith to run on your kubernetes cluster in AWS, GCP, or Azure so that data never leaves your environment. For more information, check out our documentation.

Which security frameworks is LangSmith compliant with?

We are SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant. You can request more information about our security policies and posture at Please note we only enter into BAAs with customers on our Enterprise plan.

Will you train on the data that I send LangSmith?

We will not train on your data, and you own all rights to your data. See LangSmith Terms of Service for more information.

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